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All articles are in simple English as there are definetly people under 17 playing, despite the fact that it says 17 and above. They lied.

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Forest of Chaos

King Alteon sends you on a most dangerous quest! Something wicked this way comes... and is is coming through the forest. King Alteon's chain of quests continues with dangerous mission to investigate a forest being overrun by... THE CHAOS.

  • Forest of Chaos (Brand new Map & Quest)
  • Two New Monsters
  • Chaorrupted Bear Cub Pet
  • Barbarian Tribesman Armor
  • Bear Skin Cloak
  • Feral Druid's Headdress
  • Chaos Bear Head
  • Bear Clawed Axe

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Character Pages of top players! Were waiting for one last person's character page! Don't be shy! We currently have these people:

Lord Pavian



The Chosen Cat

Artix Entertainment Staff


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