The Berserker Armor is of couse, the Armor of the Berserker Class. It looks very much like Sepulchure in DF as his Doom Knight Armor is red, like the Berserker's and has this weird creeping plant on his armor, like the Berserker's. Many have chosen this armor. It is the 2nd lowest price of and has best power again. So, it is the best but others, including the Pirate has been buffed up, making the Berserker Armors nearer from distance in damage's pros.


The rate may be looking something like this.

8.93 /10




These are the damages that usually come out.

Lv: 1

Lv: 2

Lv: 3

Lv: 4

Lv: 5


Attack : 130 - 180

Distracked : 70 - 140


Attack : 160 - 490

Distracked : 110 - 180