The Citadel is a location in Dwarfhold kingdom.

Getting thereEdit

Getting to Citadel is simple. Just go to your map and click on Dwarfhold. Then find Citadel and voila, done. Another way to accesss it is to go to the pines and keep going east till you hit another path.

What to do thereEdit

There is lots to do in Citadel. For starters, there is this wizard that gives quests. Also it is a spot where there are Inquisitor Guards. Other variants of the Guards include Inquisitor Guard Captain, a commanding officer found near the castle, the Crusader, and elite Guard guarding the castle entrance, the Belrot Fiend Beast, a creature you have to kill to get to the boss, and the Grand Inquisitor, the head of the Inquisitors and the level boss. These are somwhat special because they need to be killed for the Evil reputation quests. Most of the monsters are aggressive. Miltonius is there. Citadel is most popular because of Miltonius.


Before trying to go into Miltonius's caves, you need to have Arcana's Fang, Escherion's Chain, 50 bone dust to enter, Hydra's Scale, Strand of Vath's hair, and O-dokuro's Tooth.