Classes are special suits and abilities that your player can buy and wear. Different Classes have different abilities and looks.

Able to deal massive damage in up-close combat,they are the most ideal class in dealing heavy damage in close combat. However, Warriors cannot use their spells from long-range unlike the Mages. To use their spells, they have to be up-close. Warrior attacks include:

  • Decisive Strike
  • Imbalancing Strike
  • Prepared Strike
  • On guard


Having decent damage in up-close combat,Roobies also can use their powerful up-close. However, their spells are mainly DOT(Damage Over Time). Rogue's attacks include:

  • Diamond Kiss
  • Blast strikes
  • Mega Blade
  • Shine


A useful class,Healer's have the ability to heal themselves and other's. Currently,their Healing Word is the other only way to heal one's wounds other than Rest. However, they can't use spells from long-range and are considerably weaker in close combat. Healer's spells include:

  • Healing Word
  • Heartbeat
  • Energy flow
  • Clear Mind


Ninja's are somewhat an expansion of the Rogue class. They use Spells to change the tide of battle. They can only use Spells up-close and in close combat deal decent damage. Ninja's spells include:

  • Shadowblade
  • Crosscut
  • Shadowburn
  • Thin Air (found by player Asako)


Pirates are excellent fighters in close must do the lolosia quest to earn the pirate armor. Pirate spells include:

  • Viper's kiss(Cost 20 mana,3 second cooldown) Instantly cause 50% of weapon damage,and apply a poison dealing additional damage over 10 seconds(Require rank 1)
  • Opportunity's strike(Cost 10 mana,4 second cooldown) Deals damage based on how much time is left on your application of viper's kiss(Less time means more damage)(Require rank 2)
  • Stiletto(cost 20 mana,60 second cooldown) Deals moderate damage,and apply concealed blade,causing your attacks to do more damage the lower your target's HP are(if below 40%) for 20 seconds(Require rank 3)==Beta Bezerker==

Special Bezerker Class only Available To Characters Who Played In The Beta Version Of AQWorlds. Beta Bezerkers have bonecrushing attacks and look awesome. (Written by player DT24 Beta Tester and Rank 10 Beta Bezerker)


Breaker (unlocked at Rank 1)

Broadside (unlocked at rank 2)

Lunge (unlocked at Rank 4)

Forgone Conclusion (unlocked at Rank 8)

(DT24: Forgone Conclusion is the best attack Skill against Strong Monsters, But Don't Over do it In the beginning of the fight, save your mana for when u need it).

Beta Bezerker might not be available anymore but there are some remakes of the armor available: Bezerker Champion (Armor, 1500 Ac, available in Ac Shop in Battleon, just talk to valencia), Undead beta bezerker (Armor, 500 Ac, Available in Evil Shop in Shadowfall, talk to Undead Skeleton in evil chamber room), or There's The Member Bezerker that looks exactly like the original Bezerker armor and has the same skills, available in upgrade shop in Battleon. I Hope this information Is Helpful to you.


A good Non-member class you can get at the Crash Site You will need to do the last quest to get it.

It is like a blend of Warrior and Mage mixed together.


1. JackHammer: 150% DMG cannot Crit.

2.PlasmaBolt: Ranged Bolt 90% DMG crits nearly all the time.

3.EMP: Strikes a single enemy but if there are 2 enemys attacking it will do a good crit hit.

Other Classes not Completed

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