Short English

When he started of in BETA, he chose to be a warrior.


Then into a Berserker.


And changed his weapon into Bone Sword.


Now with a helmet...


Now with a new weapon...


Now with red cape...


Guess he's turning more Undead-kind... hey wait! So, he has all Undead weapons? - Undead Spear ( Jack Sprat's Spear ), Venom Head and Bone Sword? Maybe not... Hey! His named changed to red?


Proper English

Beginning Career



Epheel began his career as an adventurer as a little Paladin, a Warrior. However, he soon discovered the damage on farming. Using some of the money he had picked up off of various monsters he tried all armors until he bought Fighter aka Berserker Armor and went down the vampire way, for blood. See his Logo later, then you'll understand.



stop showing your teeth!I know very white but!!!

As a fighter Lord Pavian was able to defeat his enemies much more effectively, like Lord Pavian. He realy when his way. But decided for full dark, from the dead, to undead, to werewolf, to vampire, to Wereprye, to Dracopyre and lastly The dark Lord. We'll find out later why he LOVES the dark side.


Epheel was quite M - Money. He first focused on having fun and doing all quests, then at lv 5, he got bored. He tried to get money and realized all monsters give same gold. Then, of course, he knew the easiest monster - Skeletal Warrior at Bridge! Of course, he trained there, in secret ways - go to bridge-999999999999999! He, at this time, hadn't had the Beta Shop selling the Helmets and Capes, at lv 5 found the Baber in SwordHaven and got the Helmet ( see the right picture ) and the Red Cape to get his blood color back. He, at this time bought the Venom Head and did the quest for the Bone Sword. Now seen in various place of secret 4. He found a way to be dark to be unseen ...


Ouch! Nice shot of Epheel getting knock in the head!


The Unforgetable Adventurer of Jack

Epheel went to the Graveyard, 'til he reached Jack Sprat's Graveyard.There was a girl, sneakyrouge, and a boy, knightstar. Then nightstar couldn't attack Jack so Epheel went to attack Jack and knightstar healed Epheel every time he lost 100+ HP in two battles only ( Epheel attack ). Then, divin, Epheel said can't remember his name, tried to attack when Epheel died. Then I came and called dallen von krieger and attacked with her, knightsar and the guy who Epheel didn't remember the name. They all attacked Jack and he kept comin' out and out. Then donna why all of them just suddently dissapear. Epheel tried PMing them but no answer. He said it was as precias to see his new friends again more than gold - cause he has too much of the gold.