Farm Pests are a category of monsters. Farm Pests include all animals found on the Farm, including Scarecrows, Mosquitos, and the Treeant. Farm Pests are important in the quests "Pet Food Delivery", "Farm Cleanup", and "Twilly's New Staff".

Where to find Farm PestsEdit

Farm Pests are found, well, on the farm. The farm is accessed by going west from the Guardian Tower in Battleon. You can also simply type "/join farm" in the chatbox.

Varieties of Farm PestsEdit

There are three kinds of Farm Pests, Scarecrows, Mosquitos, and the Treant.


Scarecrows are level 2 monsters with 690 HP and 30 MP. Scarecrows drop the "Bundle of Straw" temporary item.


This Scarecrow doesn't just want to scare away crows: You're next!.


Mosquitos are level 2 monsters with 600 HP and 0 MP. Mosquitos drop the "Mosquito Wing" temporary item.


That probiscis looks awfully sharp...yikes.


The Treeant is a level 3 boss with 793 HP and 100 MP. The Treeant drops the "Treeant Branch" temporary item.


This Treeant has an itchy head.