To get to this secret area you cannot type in /join j6-hyperium, in-fact it's not even called that.To get there you must:

  • Get the Dwakel Decoder from the Crashsite in /join dwakel from the red button on the steamer in the hut

Click the RED Button

  • Get the J6's Secret Hideout map from the Sketchy dragon in /join j6.

  • Equip the Map (it's a mace) and click the item. When the Red button in the upper left margin of your map turns green click. Coordinates are close to: 320,240 That will bring you to the Saloon. find J6 (To J6: Up, Up, Right, Right, Door #3) and take his quiz. To take his quiz talk to him then always click the button on the left.

  • Answers:

1. Westion

2. Joe Jingle

3. Crystalized Dragon's Breath

4. Dual Revolvers

5. Green

6. Thief

Take the coordinates from J6 then select the Coordinates in your inventory and read the description (Reads: 525x, 275y). Hit those coordinates into your map and goto Hyperium. It's right under the river near the middle of the map, the Red button will again turn green.

Once at Hyperium go Up, Up, Right. Going Right is the hard part though since you have to get past two strong death killing turrets which will kill in 1 hit and its impossible to get pass them. The best way to get past them is just luck and a buddy clicking the left button in the door to the left in the room with the turrets. Once you get past the turrets go all the way to the right and click J6's pocket. Accept the VR Room Card. Go left again and click the door on the Right. Click the middle button in the elevator. Once in the room click the Red "Orb" and click Grand Theft Locomotive. Once on the train go down and right click the old man's belt and accept the item. Continue Right until you get to the end of the train.


Click the vault and drag the bolt on the right of the screen upwards, the vault will unlock, click the crystal in the furnace, to the right of the first vault there is another vault click it. Once you're on top of the train go all the way to the left then leave the train. You'll be back in Hyperium. Go to the elevator and click the top button. Proceed into the Right Door and click the valves in the following order:


The Shop will then be unlocked. Congratulations! There are more quests in the VR Room (eventually) and in the bottom button in the elevator.

This information is in video format. Youtube Search:

AQW Hyperium Helper