This is a list of all Frostval Villains .

Frosty the Snow GolemEdit


Frosty the Snow Golem

Frosty the Snow Golem was a snowman which was brought to life due to an old magical Trojan Helm which was put on his head . As he was brought to life , he destroyed everything around . He also captured Blizzy the Frost Moglin .


The EbilSneezer is the greediest of all sneevils and apparently the mastermind of everything that has happened in Frostvale . he was wrapping coal as presents and he kept the real presents for himself . He is very ebil . His name is a parody of Charles Dickens' story character , Ebinizer Scrooge .



Dragonmaster Frostscythe

Dragonmaster Frostscythe is the true mastermind of everything that happened in Frostvale , and the sinister figure that was hiding from the shadows and manipulated everyone else . He schemed the whole problems that were caused to the moglins . He commanded the Frost Dragon that ate all the moglins .


Aisha's drake

Aisha on her mighty drake

Aisha is a half-dragon queen that wanted to freeze the entire world . She commanded a huge army of frost golems and frostwyrms . She had her own ice drake , but after her pet was defeated , she herself transformed into an ice dragon . Using the Gemeralds , Nythera was also able to transform into a dragon , and defeated Aisha .


The Rhinvirus is an evil virus that infected Old King Coal , along with other germs . It is more powerful than the other viruses , and by defeating him and the other germs , the hero was able to rid Old King Coal of the flu .

Santy ClawsEdit

Santy Claws

Santy Claws

Santy Claws is a moglinster that stole the golden moglin . He was just a frostvale moglin that became a villain , but was transformed to normal by the good magic of the golden moglin . His name is a parody of the mispronounce of Santa Claus .

Ice Master YetiEdit

Icemaster Yeti

Ice Master Yeti

Ice Master Yeti is a mighty and powerful yeti . He is responsible for most of the damage given to Lim's firework circuit . He is called by Lim "Grand Master Yeti" . After his defeat he permanently removed wires from his menu .