This is a list of all Mogloowen Villains .


Blister is a mad zombie with a chainsaw . He resided beneath the Cauldron's Sister Houses , along with numerous pumpkin golems . He held the mystery candy .

Pumpkin KingEdit

The Pumpking King is an enormous evil pumpkin that rises in Halloween . He is the king of all pumpkins .

The ThrillerEdit

The Thriller is a zombie whose thrilling dance can hurt a lot . He is a parody of the pop singer Michael Jackson in his "Thriller" song , and is also dressed like him .

Super MoglinsterEdit

The Super Moglinster is the leader of the moglinsters , moglins that were mutated by the candy . It is also the most powerful of them all . He is purple , unlike the other moglinsters , which are either red , black or blue .

Doctor VoltabotEdit

Doctor Voltabot is a dentist and evil scientist that wanted to destroy Mogloowen since it destroyed people's teeths . The hero convinced him that the holiday brings him profit , due to having many clients with broken teeths , so he quit his plans . He had many robots guarding him .