Npcs( Non-Player Charecthers) are generally that,non-playable.Controlled by Artix Entertainment,NPCs talk to players and give out quests in AQworlds.

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Galanoth is a profesionnal dragonslayer wearing full dragonslayer armour.He can be found in Vasalkar's Lair giving out quests for would-be adventurers.He also gives out the Dragonslayer Class to members who completes his quests. He is rarely, and possibly, never seen out of the Lair.


A master mage who weilds a Staff of Malechite in his Magic Shop in Battleon.He gives out quests to players and also sells disguises for example, the Orc Head Morph.


A blacksmith with a beard at his shop, Ye Olde Inn and sells weapons and enhancements to players. Also gives out quests.


The guy with a bow and arrows,Zhoom can be found next to Yulgar giving out quests to players. (he only has 1 quest,the Secret Map). He have a high role in sandsea saga too. He has two quests in sandsea when you see him outisde the gate of the town. He is a reputation vendor too.


Standing outside on a roundabout, Valencia gives out quests to players, tutorials and opens a AC Shop for members. Also sells bag space for members.


an undead king of the Shadowsytche Empire,he invaded Swordhaven with an army of undeath and suceeded in entering King Alteon's Castle.He dueled with King Alteon but the match was a draw as Drakath interfered and killed him.Has a daughter but it was never stated who he was married to.

King AlteonEdit

Was stated as the Best Knight of Swordhaven,King Alteon and his Knights clashed with Sepulchure and his army of undead in Chapter 2 of the Storyline.He gives out quests in Chapter 3.Works with Sepulchure's daughter,Gravelyn to prepare for the First Lord of Chaos.