You can now take tutorials! Log in, go down to Valencia, and click "Tutorials". This will help you get a jump start into the game.

AQW's Rules

1.You must not harrass or threaten other players.
2.Do not use threatening, abusive, hateful or harmful language.
3.Do not impersonate any Staff member including any Forum Moderators and IRC Operators.
4.If asked by a member of Staff to stop any behavior, do so.
5.Do not run the same character in multiple browsers.
6.Do not use memory cheats to alter the running game code in your browser.
7.Do not cheat, hack or attack any server.
8.Do not acess other player's account by any means of hacking or password cracking.
9.Do not play multiple accounts at the same time.
10.You agree not to transmit or make available in the Service or Site any advertisement.
11.Do not transmit any material that contains viruses, worms or malicious computer code.
12.Do not disrupt the normal flow of games or dialouge or anything that negates other people's ability to use the Service.
13.Do not collect or store personal data about other people using the Service.
14.You agree to only use your credit card with the Service.

How to play

First choose a class. There is Healer, Warrior, Rogue or Mage. Next move your character by clicking the mouse at the direction you wish to move. Attack a monster by clicking on your target. After killing it you'll gain Class exp (Class Experience), xp (Experience) and gold (Currency). you can also talk to NPCs (Non-Player Characters) the same way you attack a monster, although most NPCs have small exclamations above their heads, that must be clicked before you may talk to them.


To chat click on the small box beside the SEND button. click on it and type your message, then hit the SEND button or the ENTER key. This is in Non-Special Mode which everyone in the nearby area will see.

Chat Modes: (You must type these in FIRST before talking, but only if you wish to...)

/p is Party Chat

/s is Normal Chat (Everyone can see it)

/e is Talking To Yourself (Example: if your name is bob, and you type /e then talk, you may say something like bob is bored, or bob is jumping)

Tell / Private Massage

To tell type this in the chat box.

/tell <playername> <message> /w <playername> <message>

The simpliest way to send a private Massage is to click on the player, click OPTIONS, then click WHISPER. Now click on the chatbox and type you're massage.

to reply just do the same or type this in the chatbox :

/r <playername> <message>

only for upgraded account.

Commands & Emotes

To restore health and mana: /rest
Put a player on your ignore list: /ignore playername
Take a player off your ignore list: /unignore playername
Join a room: /join [roomname]

/me <message>
/em <message>
/e <message>


To attack you can double click on the monster. Your character will repeatedly attack until the battle is over: when either you or the monster run out of HP. You can also use your classes special abilities by pressing the number keys 2-5 or by clicking on them. Class attacks can increase the rate of damage, heal you, heal a friend and many other things. For more information check out the classes section. Guardiantower