The Paladin, of course, is the Armor of the Paladin Class. Players can now use the Paladin armor. To unlock the quests required to unlock the armor, you must first get Warrior Class or Warlord Class to rank 10 and Healer Class or Acoylte Class to rank 10

Design Notes

October 13/14th, 2008 Midnight Paladin Fix!

This is now live, thank you. If there is one thing we here at AE are guilty of... it is listening to you guys! The Paladin armor is now equippable if you have it in your inventory. Your previous progress is still intact and you can level it up from where you left off.

Paladin is a second tier class which is available through the Artix NPC in Swordhaven. A Paladin has both the skills of a warrior and a healer. Therefore, to unlock the quests that will give you the class armor, you must be rank 10 as a Warrior (Or Warlord) AND rank 10 as a Healer (Or Acolyte).

Thank you for your feedback and input on the forums. I am glad that our community is awesome with a staff that listens and we are able to make changes like this pretty rapidly! (Compare that to a lot of larger games!) Now -- Reens, Zhoom, Minimal and I are putting our heads together on how to let you store more classes without taking up any inventory space. Meanwhile, read the next post to see how you can help with this weeks releases!

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