The Secret Cemetary has been seen rarely. Currently, it is the same as the Cemetary . The only difference is that all the Undead exept, Undead Boss, is there. There are 7 named locations. They are same-same and some-notsame to the Cemetary. The Cemetary Entrance can't bring you to the Secret Cemetary.

How to get to the Secret CemetaryEdit

Here's how to get there.

  • Type "/join bones"


The Secret Cemetary currently is host to a variety of undead, during the invasion. For information on these monsters, see Undead. The Secret Cemeray also has the low-powered skeletons, Skeletal Warriors and Skeletal Mages.


  • Zorbak's quests, Funny Bone and Chipped Tooth.
  • Artix giving, Undead Invasion.