Thousands of years ago, on the world of Lore, all hope was lost. This happened because a great evil terrorized the entire world. Was it The Devourer and his dark network? Was it Sepulchure and his army of the undead? Was it Drakath and his thirteen Lords of Chaos? All of these guesses are incorrect. All of these villains, and many more of them, are just pawns, minions, agents, of the real being behind all of this disaster. This being is known as Superious. Superious is the most powerful, most vile, most evil force you will ever see. He is the Lord of Darkness, Evil, and Death. With power and strength so unspeakable, you'd rather not want to meet him.

Beginning of the End Edit

One Millenium ago on Lore, a sign appeared in the heavens. The sky turned pitch black, and the stars turned blood red. Then, all of the red stars combined to form demon-like eyes, Superious' eyes. The First King, Avius, ordered everyone to go in their homes as quickly as possible. He then ordered all of his soldiers to get ready for any attack that was to come. The soldiers were well armed. They had cannons, crossbows, flaming swords, and tamed dragons to fight off whatever evil was to attack. A large explosion then destroys every single soldier in the entire area. There, in the smoke, was Superious. The Dragonriders managed to survive, but they all perished in Superious' wrath. Superious then went to King Avius and immediately killed him and took his soul. This was the Beginning of the End.

Physical Appearance Edit

Without his armor, Superious does not necessarily have a physical form. Most of the time, he is a mere shadow with red glowing eyes. His armor is crimson red with large spikes, and a blue jewel in the belt piece. He also wears a crimson Archfiend Helmet that hides his face in the shadows, but only reveals his eyes. Overall, his appearance is extremely breath-taking Fuck this

Powers/Abilities Edit

Fire Whip-long strand of fire comes out of Superious' hand in the shape of a whip

Soul Stealer- large tentacles comes out of the "mouth" of Superious onto a person's face and absorbs his/her soul

Possession- takes control of a mortal

Invisibility- extremely excellent camouflage

Invulnerablility- resistant towards pain and death

Fire Blow- large amounts of fire shoot out of Superious' hands

Poison Fog- poisonous green fog bursts out of Superious' hands, suffocating and killing all victims

Shape Shifting- ability to turn into anything desired

Universe Destroyer-overly large explosion that wipes out everything in The Universe, except the user

Death Edit

Many years later, Superious suffered a certain "death". During the Humans vs. Demons War, Superious faced the person who was the complete oppostite of him, Artix von Kreiger. Superious was very fierce in battle, but Nythera helped Artix by stabbing Superious in the chest with a poisoned dagger. With Superious weakened, Artix beheaded him, thus ending the War. Superious' body was then cremated in a fire pit under Battleon. Peace was finally restored. For now.

Resurrection Edit

Years later after Superious' death, another sign appeared in the heavens. The sky turned black, and an image of light shone. The people thought this was a sign of great joy, but they were wrong. The image turned into fire, and shot to an open part of the ground, leaving an extremely large amount of smoke and soot waving upwards. Then, Superious' red glowing eyes showed in the sky. With this, Superious' voice shouted from the sky, "YOU HAVE TRIED, AND TRIED AGAIN TO DESTROY ME, AND RESTORE YOUR WORLD ORDER. YOUR PALADIN MANAGED TO DESTROY ME, AND THEN CREMATE ME IN THE ABYSS. FROM THAT, YOU MIGHT HAVE THOUGHT I WAS DEFEATED FOREVER. BUT YOU WERE WRONG. YOU CAN NOT KILL ONE WHO HAS DESTROYED AND POSSESSED ALL. YOU CAN NOT KILL ONE WHO HAS PURE IMMORTALITY. AND MOST OF ALL, YOU CAN NOT DESTROY ONE WHO IS A GOD! THIS IS THE JUST THE BEGINNING...OF THE END!" The sky turned even darker, and the smoke sprouting from the ground turned into fire, and, marching out of the blazing fire, was Superious, more powerful than he ever was. 

The Final Attack Of Superious The GreatEdit

Superious was destroying the world,when a darkness portal opened behind him.Out marched Sepulchure,for the doomknight no longer wished to be a minion.Superious didn't notice Sepulchure, he was too busy destroying things to notice,giving Sepulchure the best opportunity he'd ever have.Sepulchure shadow-stepped up behind him and stabbed him clean through his cruel heart.But this simple attack could not destroy him.Sepulchure could not pull his Doomblade out of Superious, leaving him defensless.Superious threw the Doomknight up into the air,when he hit the ground again,Superious stabbed him.Sepulchure lay there,unwilling to accept his death.Then,a huge shadow fell over Superious.It was the townsfolk,Sepulchure's rebelious act had given them courage!Artix Von Kreiger buried the Blinding Light Of Destiny in Superious' head.Superious fell dead, having tasted the most powerful sources of Good and Evil alike.Sepulchure,meanwhile,summoned up the strength to stand,but fell at Artix's feet.Artix,being good,would not kill the Doomknight without a fair fight.When Sepulchure awoke, he was in a bed in Shadowfall,being nursed back to health by his undead minions.The minions, however,admitted that they wouldn't have saved Sepulchure's life if the Good faction hadn't turned him over.