The entrance to Swordhaven.

Swordhaven is the capital of the world of Lore. Swordhaven is currently under attack from Sepulchure's undead army. Swordhaven contains many shops and buildings important to the common adventurer. It is also home to King Alteon and his Knights of the Pactagonal Table, both of which are also featured in DragonFable. However, at this time it isn't possible to enter the castle and meet the King and his Knights.

How to get to SwordHavenEdit

Swordhaven can be accessed from several areas.
First of all, Swordhaven can be accessed from Battleon by clicking the "SwordHaven! Go there now" button.
Swordhaven can be accessed from the Cemetary, the far west of the Cemetary connects to the far east of SwordHaven.
The Sewer comes up through the drain into SwordHaven.
The Bridge area also connects to the entrance of SwordHaven.
The far northern area of Swordhaven can be accessed by typing "/join castle" in the chatbox.
The center area of SwordHaven can be accessed by typing "/join swordhaven" in the chatbox.
The southern area of SwordHaven can be accessed by typing "/join portal" in the chatbox.

Areas of SwordHavenEdit

SwordHaven consists of 8 areas, not including shops and buildings.

  • Area One: The portal area. The portal area is the area players coming from Battleon come from. It has Cleric Joy, who currently has some dialouge and info a. Area One can be accessed by typing "/join portal" Area One connects to Area Two.
  • Area Two: The bridge area. Area Two has two knights, one of whom (Sir Render), allows players level three or above to access the Bridge area. Area Two leads to Area Three.
  • Area Three: The center "Swordhaven" area. Area Three contains access to many different areas:

-The Inn which contains Artix, Robina, and the Beta Shop.
-The Pet Shoppe which does not currently hold anything.
-The Hairdressers which allows you to change your hair style.
-Area Four to the west.
-Area Five to the north.
-Area Seven to the east.

  • Area three contains two Slimes . Area three can be accessed by typing "/join swordhaven" in the chatbox.
  • Area Four: The Pizza Shop Area. Area Four contains one NPC who gives out the "Specialty Pizza" quest. The Specialty Pizza store seems to be from MechQuest, but is currently closed. Area Four has two Slime. Area four gives access to the "helms" store.
  • Area Five: The Useless Area. Area Five has nothing of interest really, other then two Slime. All of the buildings in this area are currently blocked off. Area Five does give access to Area Six, however.
  • Area Six: The Castlegate Area. Area Six now allows you to get into the swordhaven castle.
  • Area Seven: The Drain Area. Area Seven is the entrance to the Sewer. It also the Weapon Smith who sells weapons and enhances them. Area Seven gives access to Area Eight.
  • Area Eight: The Graveyard Entrance Area. Area Eight is the entrance to the Cemetary. Area Eight contains one two Slime.


SwordHaven currently is host to a variety of undead, during the invasion. For information on these monsters, see Undead. Swordhaven also has several Slime in various parts.

Quests involving SwordHavenEdit

Artix in the Inn gives the "Defend the Bridge" and "Undead Invasion" quests.
Robina in the Inn gives the "Missing Boxes" and "Robina's Quest"
The Pizza Person in the Pizza Shop Area gives the "Specialty Pizza" quest. Skeletal Warriors and Skeletal Mages drop "Chipped Tooth" and and "Slayer's Medal" temporary quest items.
Slime drop "Yummy Slime Sauce" temporary quest items.