The whole chaos story: When you come at Mount Doomskull Drakath is preparing the portal... You climb up and kill like 250 monsters to get to Drakath you get flashbacks from the story... Reaching the top you fight Drakath buth fail... He wants to give the final slash... You ask for the name for the 13th chaos lord and the answer is... For the thirteenth chaos lord... I CHOSE YOU!!! Getting overwhelmed by chaos magic you get lifted up in the air... You choose your form as chaos lord (and unlock the chaos class). One week later you are leading a massive army of chaos to Willowcreek... The heroes try to defend it buth fail... After that you go to the paladin keep... The heroes fail again... You go to Darkovia the heroes defend again... Buth you make lies to the lycans and the lycans attack the vampire castle. While you go in there with them you shoot an arrow at the queen and she dies... ...with 10 million vampires... Then you go to the lair the heroes defend and... they WIN... Buth you canmake yourself invisible get an egg... It opens... And before you the eternal dragon of time stands as your chaos beast... Then you free ALL the chaos beasts and you kill those... To show that YOU have the best chaos beast ever... Then you are laughing because if the heroes destroy your chaos beast... ...they destroy time... THEN you go to... Battleon. The heroes fight for their lives... Buth... Battleon is no more... NOTHING remains of it... Just one stone... You get so crazy by this chaos that you want to become the NEW champion of chaos... You confront Drakath... You give him a smash with a lightningball... Drakath tells you:"Unbelievable,you unlocked your full powers!?" You:"I am the new champion of chaos!" Drakath:"Wait,you really dont know who you are?" You:"I am the thirteenth lord of chaos and YOU are dead." Drakath"No (name of player) you are... ...THE ETERNAL DRAGON OF TIME!!!" You"WHAT!!!!!!!!!" (in real life WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT) Drakath"Yes haha the god of our world and you did not even know?" Then he punches you in the air its a massive fight up there... He throws you IN a mountain you lie there defeated... Death gets you... Before you die Drakath tells his story abouth how he became champion of chaos. Then he does the same with you as he did with killing Selpulchure.(buth its yellow this time) Your spirit goes to the dead realm and... Your not longer in chaos form buth in normal form... You go through the realm and there Nulgaths stands. He lets you help Gravelyn raise her skull fortress if you... KILL DEATH! You kill death you become death Gravelyn raises her fortress you come back to the world and... At Mount Doomskull the fortress falls Gravelyn hangs at the rock and Drakath is going to kill her... And you see...(u can choose a dragon a paladin a skyship or your destiny for destiny u have to complete em all) Your destiny... You get wings go to Drakath and Gravelyn says:"(player name) you are..." And you say:"Death!" Drakath"You cant be a hero,death and the eternal dragon of time all at the same time..." Then a fight in the air you punch Drakath very hard you come on a skyship and defeat some chaos skyguards. Drakath kills the flying Stalagbite and then there comes Destoloth. Sally says:"You wanted more skulls?" and a gigantic Vordred appears. Drakath and Vordred fall then Drakath kills Vordred and Drakath gets in a special area where Khasaanda is binded and our Frogerion is in a cage... Drakath says:"To let the queen of monsters rise ALL chaos lords must die!" He kills them both... Meanwhile ur fighting undead Destoloth... Then Drakath apppears and... He is not Drakath buth... ULTRA DRAKATH! When you defeat him he goes into the portal and loses his powers. Artix and Gravelyn come and give you some strength because in the portal you lose your powers buth those from Artix and Gravelyn will be there... You go into the portal and then you fight every chaos lord... Escherion,Xing and Xang,Vath,Kitsune,Wolfwing,Kimberly,Ledgermayne,Tibicanas,Khasaanda,Iadoa,Lionfang,Alteon and.. Yourself! Then you defeat Drakath ONCE AND FOR ALL... Then it seems that Drakath lost his powers... The queen has left him and in the world the titans raise from their cells... The Queen whas there too... And then the world was being destroyed.

The end of book 1 from AQW.