The Bridge is an area featuring a horde of undead attempting to come over the bridge into Swordhaven, as part of Sepulchre's attack on Swordhaven. It is famous mostly because it is probably the best place for farming currently in the game.


The battle for the bridge rages on.

Getting to the BrigeEdit

The bridge can be accessed in two ways. The first way is to travel to Swordhaven. Then go north from the portal area to the bridge. Speak to the knight with the ( ! ) and if you are at least level 3 he will let you go to the Bridge. The other way is to type "/join bridge" in the chatbox.

Areas of the BridgeEdit

The bridge has 3 different areas.

Quests involving the BridgeEdit

The cemetary contains monsters useful to many quests. "Chipped Tooth" are dropped by undead and used in the "Chipped Tooth" quest given by Zorbak. Undead also drop "Slayer Medals" which are used in the "Undead Invasion" quest given by Artix. The Undead Boss drops "Undead Commander's sword" which is used in the "Defend the Bridge" Quest

Farming on the BridgeEdit

The Bridge is excellent for farming. Just do "Defend the Bridge" and "Undead Invasion" repeatedly to get excellent gold and experience.