The beginning of a hero Edit

when The Chosen Cat was first created he was a rogue,fastest one in battleon, who slew undead like no tomorrow to lvl up, he also discovered the healers class and caught interest in it, so he sold his rogue armor in exchange for the healers class.

The fall of a rogue Edit

he was lvl 2 when he got his healer armor, witch he had to live with for all of alpha, but after seeing the helpfulness of healers class he kept it in the end,now he saw lots of berserkers running around and wanted that armor for his own, he got his wish, but he HATED it because he saw berserkers hit more than him, 200s to be exact,and he only hit 90s* and that was on critical hits,but he kept going and got his rogue armor back , hitting lvl 3 after slaying a scarecrow.

The rise of a master Edit

days after the lvl up he slew a record 100 undead in 1 hour including 1 boss.
and so began beta,a time of clans and wars,battles and bruises,doom and death, the time when he was a greatly respected rouge, mostly by newbies and lvl 2s whom he made friends with**.
he then got a barbers armor and kept it so he may look like cysero *ALL HAIL CYSERO!!!* and so he looks like*and cooks bread like* the mad weaponsmith himself.

A wall of lies Edit

upon lvl 4 he was cursed with a strange sword that had a stranger effect; he saw all the townspeople as undead and tryed to slay them. it was at 100th one of his victims said "why are you killing us living!?!?".
after these words he pondered, he pondered about how many players he had killed,about the strange sword, and about what he would do now. he built a wall of lies to his friends and once haunted the sewers of swordhaven.