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                                This section was completely made by me.Thanks to Artix Entertainment for this wikia.lets begin.Please not that this is only for exp

training and gold..nothing else oh and during account creation it is highly reccomended to start with warrior.


level 1-5 Edit

Okay,welcome to AQ worlds.First,you start by doing the beginners quest which i'm pretty sure you'll get by.

Start by choosing a side...GOOD or EVIL 


ok now that you're at good you would want to first buy the following things

  • Swordhaven AXE
  • Swordhaven ADEPT

So, totally you'll have to get 150,000 gold.The axe is 50,000 and the adept(armour)is about 100,000.To farm aforemetioned gold, you must do the following:

  • One way is to get burn it down and sell it for 12500 gold(please note that now you can do it only once a day)
  • start the first 4 quests in the crashsite and repeatedly do them until you have enough
  • the benefits of doing the quests are you'll get pretty good designs and stuff to sell

so totally you'll make 12500+(enough times of crashsite)=YAY!Then you can train on spiders in the marsh and trobbles in guru forest                      < ------ -

To join crashsite enter

/join dwakel                                                                                                                               l

                                                                                   EVIL                                     l                                                            


ok now that you're at evil you would want to first buy the following things                      l

  • Deadly AXE of chaos(sorry for incorrect name)                                                     l
  • Dark crusader armour                                                                                        l
  • helm of the dark lord                                                                                          l

(totally about 175,000) You can get the money via aforementioned possibilities ------------------------------------------>l

same training methods too

Thank you.