Undead are a category of monster. They are creatures animated unnaturally through necromancy. Undead are oftentimes controlled by the Doom Knight Sepulchure, as is shown in the undead invasion of the capital of Swordhaven. Undead are also frequently featured in other Atrix Entertainment games, including DragonFable and AdventureQuest. Undead are featured in a wide variety of quests.

Where to find Undead?Edit

Undead can be found in multiple places, but primarily the Cemetary, SwordHaven, and The Bridge. You can travel to these places by typing "/join graveyard", "/join swordhavenundead",and "/join bridge".

Varieties of UndeadEdit

There are many varieties of Undead. These kinds include Skeletal Warrior, Skeletal Mage, Skeletal Viking, Skeletal Warrior(2), the powerful Undead Boss, and the almighty Big Jack Sprat.

Skeletal WarriorEdit

Skeletal Warriors are the most basic form of undead. Skeletal Warriors are level 1 and have 310 HP and 100MP. They are found in Swordhaven, Secret Graveyard and on The Bridge. Skeletal Warriors can drop "Chipped Tooth" and "Slayer Medals"


A Skeletal Warrior in the Bridge area.

Skeletal MageEdit

Skeletal Mages are a little bit more complicated then Warriors and come in two varieties which control fire and ice respectively.. Mages are level 1 and have only 460 HP but they have 100 MP. Mages, however, have a more powerful attack then Warriors despite their lower HP. Skeletal Mages can drop "Chipped Tooth" and "Slayer Medals". They can be found the same places as Skeletal Warriors do.


A Skeletal Mage ready to attack.

Skeletal VikingEdit

Skeletal Vikings are more powerful then the basic kinds of undead. Skeletal Vikings are level 4, have 860 HP and 0 MP. Skeletal Vikings are found in the Cemetary and the Secret Cemetary. Skeletal Vikings can drop "Chipped Tooth" and "Slayer Medals"


A Skeletal Viking, ready for battle.

Skeletal Warrior(2)Edit

Skeletal Warrior(2) are similar to Skeletal Warriors, but they differ in power and appearance. Skeletal Warrior(2)s have 800 HP, 0MP, and are level 4. Skeletal Warrior(2) can drop "Chipped Tooth" and "Slayer Medals" They are found in the Cemetary and the Secret Cemetary


A Skeletal Warrior with an awesome hammer.

The Undead GiantEdit

The Undead Boss is a rather big boss monster found in swordhavenundead and invasion areas. He is level 2 and has   606 HP and 100 MP. The Undead Boss is featured in the "Defend The Gates" quest, which is excellent for farming gold and experience. The Undead Boss can drop "Chipped Tooth" and "Undead Commander Sword" but NOT "Slayer Medals"


The Undead Boss laughs at you puny humans.

Big Jack SpratEdit

When they say big they mean BIG at Artix. Big Jack Sprat has a whopping 771 HP and 100 MP, standing tall at level 5. He looks tough, but he's not. (But Don't tell him that or he'll crush you.) Big Jack Sprat is featured in the "Funny Bone" quest, which is commonly used for farming gold and experience. Big Jack Sprat drops "Chipped Tooth" and "Jack Sprat's Funny Bone", but NOT "Slayer Medals" He is found in the Cemetary and Secret Cemetary.


The Mighty Big Jack Sprat has no fear. And it ain't because he's a third level paladin.