• Angelblade007

    Angelblade007: Current Lv......*cough* 7 *cough*

    Reasons to be-friend or even show interest at this character:

    At a mere lv 3, Angelblade007 had already aquired over 2000 Adventure Coins (Mostly OFFERs....*cough*) and bought himself awsome stuff like Phoenix Plate (Armor found in Swordhaven castle, GOOD only), the Firey Blade of Torment, and a Knightmare helm. (ALSO some cape that cost like....I don't know 25 ACs...Nothing special there, but capes PWN. :) ) Players whom were....well BETTER than Angelblade007 could not understand how such a noob could look so much better than themselves, and some hated him for it. Yet Angelblade007 always kept his chin up. "Yea, I get alot of crud for the stuff im wearing, you know, c…

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