Weapons are exactly what they sound like- items that you equip to your character in order to attack. Your character must always have 1 weapon equipped. There are several ways of obtaining weapons:

- The basic starting weapon

- Weapons bought from stores

- Designs picked up from enemies

- Or weapons given to you from completing quests

- Entering Valencia's secret code

Most enemies drop weapon designs for weapons that they carry. As with other design items, a weapon design must be enhanced before it can be equipped. There are different enhancement levels, however you cannot equip a weapon that has a higher level than your character. Free players can enhance their weapons up to level 12.(This was taken out of the game after beta. You are now allowed to enhance your weapons to the maximum level.)

The type of weapon determines the range of damage that it can deal. Maces usually have a small range, swords have a medium range, and staffs tend to have a large range. A smaller range means that the amount of damage dealt is usually the same, whereas a larger range can potentially deal a higher amount of damage, but there is a lower chance for this to happen. In most cases, enhancing a weapon will increase the maximum and minimum values of the range, but the difference between these two values remains the same. However, some of the rarer and better weapons can deal damage in a higher range of values.

Shop WeaponsEdit


Horatio's Staff

Staff of Malachite

Harnessed Cat's Eye

Wrath of Sciurus

Swordhaven Level 3 ShopEdit

Barbed Horror

Big 100K

Dragon Saw

Ninja Sword

Venom Head

Swordhaven Level 5 ShopEdit

Blade of Destiny

Hydra Blade



Quest RewardsEdit

Bone Sword (From yulgar's Quest "Zorbak's Reward)

Bejeweled Blade (reward from valencia's "Bejeweled Blade Quest)

Piston-Driven Polearm (Reward From Dwakel)

Wizard's Staff (Reward From Citadel)

Twilly's twig

Sword Of The Stone (Quest Reward form Jack Foolery in Greenguard Forest)

Sword From The Stone (Quest Reward from Jack Foolery)

Speargun (Reward From Thursday's Daily Quest)

Sludge Sword (Reward From Sunday's Daily Quest)

Bone Mace (Reward From Monday's Daily quest)

Broom Of Doom (Reward form Tuesday's Daily Quest)

Faerie Sai (Reward From Wednesday's Daily Quest)

Chakram Dagger (Reward From Friday's Daily Quest)

Hot Magma Axe (reward From Saturday's Daily Quest)

Splinter Sword (Quest Reward From Mobius War Event)

Dagger Of Serpents (Quest Reward From Mobius War Event)

Weapons Dropped by MonstersEdit

1. Tyrant Blade, dropped by Thrax Ironhide in Marsh (worth 12500 gold if sold to yulgar)

2. Orc War Sword, Also dropped by Thrax Ironhide

3. Axe Dagger, also dropped From thrax Ironhide

4. Soul Scythe, dropped By Soulseeker in Marsh

5. Balor' Brutality, Dropped By Dreadspider in Marsh

6. Pheonix Blade, Dropped By Red Dragon in Dragon's Layer (worth 12500 Gold if sold to yulgar)

7. Fiendish Blood Blade, dropped By Groglurk in Bludrut 4

8. Staff of the Twisted, dropped by Twisted Tooth in Pinewood Forest

9. Speargun, dropped By Kuro (kuro will only drop it if you have takin the quest of The day on Thursday)

10. Chakram Dagger, dropped from Mithril Man in Crash Site (Mithril Man will

only drop the weapon if you have taken the quest of the day)

11. Blade of the Wicked, dropped By Black Knight in Greenguard Forest (you must beat the black knight quests and obtain the Black Knight orb to be able to fight him)

12. Blade of Corruption, dropped By Black knight in Greenguard Forest

13. Axe of the Black Knight, dropped by the Black Knight in Greenguard Forest

14. Undead Plague Spear, dropped by Jack Sprat in the Graveyard (Worth 12500 gold if sold to Yulgar)

15. Cursed Bone Sword, dropped by Evil Elemental In Bludrut 4 (different from bone sword reward form Yulgar's quest)

16. Axe of Bludrut Keep, dropped by Groglurk in Bludrut 4

17. Wave Cutter, dropped by Sharkbate in Lolosia

18. Sleuthhound Blade, dropped By Harmoire in Sleuthhound (you must complete Sleuthhound Saga to gain access to the Harmoire)

19. Axe of Indictmint, dropped by Harmoire (you have to beat the saga)

20. Hand of the Polearm, dropped by Harmoire

21. Hardy Dagger, dropped by Harmoire

22. Carpenter's Hammer, dropped by Harmoire

23. Rose Petal Sceptor, dropped By Harmoire

24. Blue Glowstick, Dropped by Gloworms in Dwarfhold (must beat all of Snowbeard's quests to gain acces to Dwarfhold)

25. Red Glowstick, dropped by Gloworms

26. Violet Glowstick, dropped By Gloworms

27. Green Glowsticks, dropped by Gloworms

28. Yellow Glowsticks, dropped by Gloworms

30. Drow Sabre, dropped by Drow Soldiers in DwarfHold Mountains

31. Serpent Claw, dropped by Orc Warlord In Chiral Valley

32. Mammoth Crusher Blade, dropped by Bronze Draconians in Valsakar Lair

33. Venom Draconian Sword, dropped by Venom Draconians in Valsakar Lair

34. Iron Draconain Sword, dropped by Iron Draconian

35. Dark Draconian Sword, dropped by Dark Draconian

36. Golden Draconian Sword, dropped by Golden Draconian

37. Chaos Widow Saber, Dropped by Spider In Faerie Forest

38. Stirring Spoon, dropped by Kittarian Mouse Eaters

39. Skeleton Hand, dropped by almost any undead

40. Fishman's Trident, dropped by Fishman Soldiers

41. Wisteria's Claw, dropped by Wisteria

42. Wisteria's reach, dropped by Wisteria

43. Slimey Staff, dropped by (green) Slimes

44. Purple Slime Staff, dropped by Purple Slimes.

45. Pitchfork, dropped by Kittarian mouse flayers

46. Violet Sphere, dropped by Lich

47. Ice Orb, dropped by Skeletal Ice Mage

48. Iron Hammer, dropped by Undead Warrior

49. Brutal Sword, dropped by Undead Soldiers