Chaos WolfWing (2)

Wolfwing is a Werepyre (a werewolf mixed with a Vampire) and is an outcast of both the Clans. He then meets Drakath, who gives him Chaos Power. Through these new powers, he corrupts Darkovia's inhabitants, making them Chaos creatures, before sending them against their opposite numbers in Darkovia, serving to aggravate the war that has already raged between them for centuries. Wolfwing is bent on taking over Lore and turning everyone into werepyres.


HP: 37,289

Mana: 100

Dmg: 100-260


Wolfwing first appeared in Adventure Quest as non-Chaos and more or less a good guy. He was then attacked by a Lycan, which started the transformation into a Lycan, but before the transformation was complete, Queen Safiria found him and bit him, thus making him a Werepyre. Alone for centuries, he could not join the war between the Vampires and the Werewolves even if he wanted to, until Drakath offered him a chance to end the fighting forever. Wolfwing accepted, and became the Fifth Lord of Chaos.

His first act was to chaorrupt vampires and werewolves on both sides of the war, seeking to keep them distracted from his true plan to capture a dragon and transform it into a Dracowerepyre, which was defeated by the player. His ultimate plan was to turn everyone in Darkovia into Werepyres like him, starting his own clan, but this changed when the player pointed out that he'd eventually be going up against everyone in Lore, leading to Wolfwing's declaration that everyone would become a werepyre.


Wolfwing requires 4-5 people to kill, at least one of which must be a healer. He is immune to all skills that allow the player to stun, and he has a shockwave attack that allows him to regenerate some of his HP. When Wolfwing is brought down to 8000 HP or fewer, he starts going berserk. This will increase the damage that he deals, and may result in a party wipe if everyone is not prepared for it.